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Lead poisoning is one of the environmental problems around the world affecting human health. As a developing country, Indonesia has high potential to be exposed to lead, particularly for people living in rural areas, lacking education and information about lead poisoning. This report is a study literarature that provides an overview about lead poisoning in Indonesia. Several studies relating to lead poisoning were reviewed. Most of these studies focused on blood-lead levels in urban areas and no study was based in a rural area. The main sources of lead poisoning in the reference studies were petrol (gasoline), and vegetables (from the soil or dust remaining on the vegetables when eaten). There was also beach and seawater contamination by lead, and toys. No studies on lead poisoning from paint, lead acid batteries, cosmetic and jewellery were found for Indonesia. This report makes several recommendations for the Indonesian government to improve environmental awareness in Indonesian society. It also identifies several gaps that need to be filled for future research on lead poisoning in Indonesia.

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